Stamp Collections

Different types of stamp collections include US stamp collections,  international stamp collections, the Europa stamp collection and various types of a  foreign stamp collection assembled with stamps gathered from countries all across the world.  Topical stamp collecting can follow a theme of interest such as collecting stamps featuring art, flowers, famous people, science, sports or Christmas stamp collecting postage stamps from each years holiday season. Stamp dealers will often specialize in certain stamp collection themes and offer subscription services to collectors that provides new stamp program issues when they are released. For those interested in buying or selling stamp collections, stamp collection value will depend on a stamp collection appraisal performed by a dealer or stamp appraiser or through an assessment that can be performed by the collector him or herself.

Stamp Appraisal

Whether you're a stamp collector building your own stamp collection or have inherited a stamp collection or album and desire to know its value; the Stamp Collection Appraisal website provides philatelic information and resources on stamp collections and stamp appraisal for stamp collecting for beginners and experienced collectors alike.  Collectors should be aware that stamp collection values prices are not fixed.  When asking how much are my stamps worth or for those interested in selling stamp collections, stamp collection value will, for the most part be based on a stamp appraisal of the most valuable stamps in the collection being those stamps sought out by collectors and dealers.

Stamp Collection Value

Stamps value is not solely based on the stamps age, grade, condition or number of stamps issued. A number of elements factor in a true appreciation of the value of postage stamps and stamp collection value. Stamps price references can be found online or in a current postage stamp catalogue which includes information on new stamps, commemorative stamps and the USPS stamp program with resources on stamp collecting and stamp collection value for US stamps, Canadian stamps, French stamps, German stamps and British stamp collecting values.  Consult the stamp catalogue free online stamp value guide for recent prices of individual stamps,  first day of issue commemorative and stamp collection values for topical or country-specific collections.

Postage Stamp Collection Appraisal

When seeking an appraiser for stamp collection, the Philatelic Society can prove to be a valuable resource, providing a list of stamp dealers and appraisers approved by the Philatelic Society to perform stamp collecting appraisals and collectible stamp appraisal for individual stamps and stamp collections. Stamp collectors and those wishing to know how to sell stamp collection should be aware that postage stamp collecting does not have a formal market where prices are established and as such, stamp collecting values will be relative to demand when buying and selling collectible postage stamps.